About Me

Recently in the Chancery Division of the High Court, Judge Edward Bartley Jones, QC, wrote the following in his judgement: "I must at this early stage pay the most considerable thanks to Dr Helen Soo who was the translator throughout the trial. Without her the trial would have been impossible. She was careful, diligent and thorough. She was entirely objective and balanced. She left me with a feeling of total confidence in her activities as a translator".

As a PSI, Helen regularly works in different contexts, meets people from all walks of life, and over the years has led to her increased interest in the thinking and emotional processes involved when people are put under pressure. As a result, she completed a Master's degree in Psychoanalytic Studies in 2004, at the Tavistock Institute. Dr Soo is married to Professor Michael Palmer (see: serlecourt.co.uk), a professor of law at London University, Barrister, and the first western Dean of a mainland Chinese law school, Shantou University.

Additional Honors & Awards

I offer the following unsolicited testimonial. I employed Dr. Helen Soo on the China to Hackney Festival in 2012. She was working in a multi-lingual environment and it was a great advantage that she is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. She was able to calmly handle the moments of high pressure that can arise in a backstage environment, and her work greatly assisted the smooth running of the preparation and performances. She did a first rate job.
---Colin McPhillamy, Producer, China to Hackney Festival--